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The information here is focused on printing and fine art printing.

The printing services listed all have excellent color matching and use archival ink, which means that the image will last up to 100 years without fading. These services use quality paper and canvas, but not necessarily acid-free. If you order a small print you can see the quality before committing to a large print. Many of these printing services offer color matching where each image is adjusted by hand. They typically have deals on first orders or even provide free test prints. Some require that you install software on your computer to view and adjust your images and then order prints/products.

The main reason to use a fine art printing service is the color and resolution. There is a quality of print called Giclee (Zhee-Clay). This is high-resolution printing on high-quality, acid-free (to avoid yellowing), 100% cotton or rag-based paper using archival inks (pigment –based inks that last over 100 years). The printer will have 8-12 different color ink cartridges to provide a more sophisticated color range output. Ink is applied in microscopic droplets so the output is very high resolution. Fine art printers will send you one or more proof prints and make color adjustments.  They usually tell you what high-end printer they use so you can research that if you like.

Typically the printing service will require that your digital image be in the Adobe RGB (1998) and/or sRGB color space and have a minimum resolution. Please check the image requirements.

Depending on the printing service, there are a variety of media you can select, such a various papers, metal, canvas, acrylic, glass, wood, etc. You can also create T-shirts, mugs, picture books, etc. Some offer framing.

Please visit the web sites to see what is offered and their pricing.

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