Technique #1

Low contrast or dull images can be given some punch and drama if you process the image using Split Channel mode but use the same settings for the Enhance Detail and Smooth Detail sliders for each RGB channel. If the settings for each RGB channel are the same (or close to being the same) the color shifts will not be unduly dramatic for most images. But you will see color shifts in patches of the image that can enhance the image.

To start I opened this image of a foggy day in Stonington CT in Photoshop and duplicated it on 2 layers.

I selected the top duplicate layer and opened Lucis Pro. Finding the best slider settings to use is easiest using Single Channel mode. So in Single Channel mode I adjusted the sliders until I had an image with the detail and contrasts I liked (image top right). In this specific case I moved the Enhance Detail slider to 81 and the Smooth Detail slider to 7 (because there was noise in the image I wanted to smooth). I also moved the Assign Original image Color slider to 100% Original.

I processed this image (shown top right) because it would be useful to see the comparison. Plus I could also use opacity and layers in Photoshop to add a percentage of this image to the result from processing the image in Split channel mode if I preferred. Mixing in this Single Channel mode Lucis image would tone down any color shifts in the image created using Split Channel mode while keeping the level of detail and contrast I wanted. Mixing in the original image using the Lucis Mix slider would just stifle the Lucis-enhanced contrasts.

Then I selected the lower layer with a duplicate of the original image, opened up Lucis Pro and enabled Split Channel mode. I made the Enhance Detail slider equal to 81 and the Smooth Detail slider equal to 7 for each channel (image bottom left).

Finally I decided to tone down the colors a little. I set the Opacity of the top layer with the Lucis image created from using Single channel mode to 33% and combined it with the layer with the Lucis image created from using Split Channel mode. The result is the bottom most image on the bottom right.

Click on any image to see a large version.

Lucis Pro Image

Single Channel Mode image Image processed using Single Channel mode with the Enhance Detail slider at 81, the Smooth Detail slider at 7 and the Assign Original Image Color slider to 100% original.

Lucis Pro Image

Split Channel Image Image processed using Split Channel Mode with the Enhance Detail slider set to 81 and the Smooth Detail Slider set to 7 for each RGB Channel.

Lucis Pro Image

Final Image The result of using opacity and layers in Photoshop to combine 33% of the Single Channel image with the Split Channel image.

Another example of how split Channel Mode can make colors pop.

Lucis Pro Image

Lucis Image. Use Split Channel Mode to set the Enhance detail slider to 175 and the Smooth Detail slider to 1 for each RGB channel.