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How did they do that?

Lucis is their secret weapon.

You have seen images with incredible detail and drama. Maybe the photographer won't tell you how they achieved the effect or they say something vague.

Because professional photography has a lot of competition from amateurs or customers, the future of Photography is special effects. Many professionals are making their images more artistic in a way customers love and their competition won't be able to recreate.

Results matter, but time is also important. The profit margins are not there to spend 30 minutes or more on a photograph.

Lucis Pro 6 is the most accurate and easiest way to create incredible HDR images from a single image, not to mention the myriad of other special effects you can create using Lucis.

Lucis Pro 6.0 is even easier to use than LucisArt 3 and it is a thousand times more powerful - well worth $495 since it assists you in your business. The time savings alone make Lucis worth the money, never mind the quality results. Because of the price, this is not a product that appeals to amateurs. Lucis is your secret weapon.

Using just two sliders you can quickly:

Lucis Pro 6.0

With some easy controls you can:

You invested in quality equipment. You created an amazing digital image. Now use the best image-processing method to create your final result. With Lucis you save time and create the finest result possible.

Even with a 30-day return period and the availability of the lower-cost LucisArt 3, 99 customers out of 100 keep their copy of Lucis Pro 6. Click here to see why Lucis Pro 6 is much more powerful than LucisArt 3.

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