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Two sliders. Amazing artistic results. No learning curve. Check out the UI.

The only thing that would be easier is a one-click preset, but then where's the creative control?



The Enhance Detail Slider

Simply move this slider to the left to increasingly enhance image detail throughout the image. Go from sharpening to HDR effects to extreme detail.

Lucis enhances differences as small as 3 intensity levels throughout the image.

  image with enhanced detail using Lucis
landscape watercolor image  


The Smooth Detail Slider

As you move this slider to the right you smooth image detail throughout the image. Go from noise reduction to watercolor effects to surreal effects.



Use both sliders to enhance mid-range contrast variations and reveal patterns in the image. Create all kinds of effects.

  Lucis image of flowers- sculpture effect
image of a horse processed with Lucis, Split Channel Mode  


Split Channel Mode

Apply these two sliders to each RGB channel separately to really refine contrast and create artistic effects.

There are other controls if you want to do more. Check out the UI.


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